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As humans, we often think and operate in binary terms—good or bad, happy, or sad, too much or not enough. We each have patterns of thinking that we were trained in and frankly, most of us have decades of those patterns of thinking ingrained in us. Take for example someone who has a struggle about money patterned in by the way they were raised. Ever hear, “Money doesn't grow on trees”, “If you want more, you got to work really hard”, “you can’t have something for nothing”? It is a struggle energy, struggle energy in the conversation about money.


My grandparents were raised in the Depression. For some time, my mom was a single mom. I don't blame them, I'm just aware. They gave me the best view of the world and the best thoughts about how things happen, that they had. It took me studying and experimentation and up and down and loss to discover that I could have everything I was in harmony with. And if I was in harmony with struggle, I could have an abundance of struggle. And if I was in harmony with something else, I could have an abundance of whatever it is that I am in harmony with.


Today we call those organized patterns of thinking paradigms. It's an organized pattern of thinking and belief, and it's strengthened by repetition, and it dictates, your paradigm or your mindset dictates how much abundance you can actually allow in your life, and it operates like a thermostat. You have a thermometer which will read the temperature in the room. Your thermostat sets the temperature in the room. It's a cybernetic system. It measures variants. Its job is to keep the status quo in place, which means if you have a little extra heat coming into your room, it's going to kick in some cool air to bring it relatively back to the same temperature within a degree or two.


If you have much colder air coming in, it's going to kick in some heat, so you have relatively the same temperature in the room. It's not so easy to reset our inner thermostat or our paradigm. That’s why I offer the 6-week program called Ignite a Fulfilling Life Challenge. We're going to reestablish the set point of how much good you can allow how much fun you can have, how much time, how much balance, and how it all works by transforming the inside out through these six (6) secrets for how to ignite a fulfilling life.


So, my question to you is, what is the major dominant abundance story that you either grew up with or deep down if you're honest with yourself, you know is operative in your life right now? And if you don't know what it is right now, just know that you will know.


Just want to get curious. No blame, just get curious about the major dominant story that you have run your life by operating in the subconscious known as self-limiting beliefs. Self-limiting beliefs are roadblocks that keep us from being where we want to be. Hindering our growth and in most cases happiness. Hindering the ability to fully enjoy life the way we are meant to enjoy life.


What I have found throughout my career as a business leader is that even though I am great at business, I am a great leader and a good manager (management and leadership are two different things). I can be better. What made me better?

Glad you asked. What made me become a better businessperson is understanding my strengths and weaknesses. Not only understanding how far I can take myself but surrounding myself with people who can take me further. Allowing others to grow beyond me. When those I worked with flourished, so did I.


What allowed me to become a better leader? I stopped being the work alcoholic I was. I stopped thinking I had to choose my professional career or have a personal life. Instead, I learned by transforming my perspective, transforming those patterns of thinking I grew up believing – “you have to work hard if you want anything” – transformed from the career-driven mindset of having to work 7 days a week minimum of 12 hour days, feeling guilty when I wasn’t working, shelving myself until later which later never comes, and creating my anxiety and stress while being stuck on a never-ending hamster wheel, finally ending up believing I’m just not good at relationships. With any added anxiety from my personal life, you know those things you just don’t want to deal with, conflict, long talks, etc. I would deep dive right back into work.


As a leader, we affect those who work around us. Have you ever noticed the mom who comes to work harried, rushing to get to her desk? She’s the one who fought her kids to get ready for school when they just wanted to sleep longer. She raced to drop said kids off at school and continued to race to work so she wouldn’t be late. Speed walked down the corridor to her desk trying not to run but feeling the rush to get there as fast as possible. That rushing is causing her stress, spiking chemicals into her system. The rest of the day she will be unable to relax, unable to be calm. She will spend the rest of her day feeling off-kilter.


Leaders' moods affect their team. The leader walks around telling everyone “Good morning” holding the door open for people to walk through ahead of them. These leaders when they are at their busiest will forget to say, “good morning” and will forget to hold open a door. They will walk right ahead of other people and let the door close in the other person's face without even realizing it. When a leader is in a great mood so is the team yet when a leader is in a bad mood the team won’t crack a smile, they will go home and say it wasn’t a good day today.


To lead spectacularly is to be able to have a fulfilling personal life and still keep your career. A phenomenal thing happens when people achieve both professional success and a fulfilling personal life, they grow an expansive mindset opening up an extraordinary world of possibilities. Not just adding fulfillment to everyday life that will positively affect you as an individual but also as a better leader. Adding dimensions to your leadership abilities. Adding dimensions to your private life, dimensions to yourself. People become whole in their capabilities to lead not just those around them but their own lives as well.


Learn the 6 Secrets to Feel Alive.


1.      Create more time to have it all, taking from busy to more productive.

2.      Say Bye Bye to Anxiety and Stress and learn to “turn off” the career to have personal freedom. Better yet you will learn to “unshelf yourself” to do the things you truly enjoy. The bonus is that this will make you a better leader.

3.      Have a Guilt-Free Balanced Living. Be in harmony with all aspects of your life. Learn to balance career highs with personal fulfillment.

4.      Become Good at Relationships, where you are guided to redefine your perspectives of relationships. Eliminating self-limiting beliefs so you can allow yourself to become good at relationships. To have the healthy supportive relationships you crave.  

5.      When you achieve BOTH professional success AND a fulfilling personal life you will Feel Alive.

6.      Heard the saying, “You can’t give to others if your cup is empty”? You have to be the leader you want to be in your own life first before you can be a Phenomenal Leader for others.


(Don’t worry, I am here to help you.)


Even Oprah Winfrey has a coach, we all need guidance to help us grow. Today is the day to step out of your comfort zone to transform your life into the lifestyle you want to love. To lead spectacularly is to live spectacularly.


How to start?


Download the Spectacular Living App. The App is FREE!


Would you like to learn the 6 Secrets to Feel Alive? Once you download the app, in the Discover tab click on the Start Button to sign up and accept all the freebies. In the Journey tab go to Resources, then sign up for Ignite a Fulfilling Life Challenge – here is where you will learn the 6 Secrets to Feel Alive.


Need something a little more? No worries, check out the 1:1 Coaching within the Journey tab to get your Spectacular Signature Coaching tailored just for you.


Have a phenomenal week!





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