At Spectacular Living, we understand the unique struggles of career-driven professionals. We are here to help you break free from the chains of workaholism and perfectionism, guiding you towards a life where career success and personal fulfillment coexist harmoniously.


Meet N' Greet

Meet Shannon Schroth, M.S.M.L., M.B.A.

"It’s possible to transform your life from self-limiting beliefs, loneliness, and frustration into one full of joy, abundance, and purpose. I know, because I have done it."

Shannon, Your Holistic Coach & Visionary of Spectacular Living

Welcome to Spectacular Living!

Hi there! I’m Shannon, a Holistic Coach with a passion for helping workaholics and overachievers find balance and fulfillment in their lives. My journey has led me to specialize in guiding career-driven professionals who struggle with work-life imbalance, loneliness, relationship issues, guilt, and anxiety.


My Story of Transformation


For years, I was caught in the whirlwind of work, neglecting my personal life in the pursuit of professional success. With a Master's in Management & Leadership, an MBA, and various roles across business sectors—including the public sector and as Logistics Management in a $150 million corrugated company—I was the epitome of a driven professional.


Yet, despite my career achievements, I felt unfulfilled and disconnected.


My wake-up call came when I realized that my relentless pursuit of perfection was costing me my happiness and well-being. I embarked on a journey of self-discovery, overcoming self-doubt and isolation, and learned to prioritize my personal life without sacrificing my career. Today, I’m dedicated to helping others navigate this path.


My Mission


My personal mission at Spectacular Living is to empower you to achieve a harmonized and fulfilling life. I understand the unique challenges that come with being a workaholic or overachiever, and I’m here to show you that it’s possible to thrive both personally and professionally. Together, we’ll uncover your genuine self, break free from the cage of perfectionism, and create a life filled with joy, abundance, and purpose.

Meet Mags

Our Loyal Office "Unicorn" Mascot 🐾


As you step into our virtual office, it's possible you'll be greeted by Mags, my six-year-old Border Collie, Leopard Catahoula mix. Mags is more than just a dog; she’s a vital part of our team. Her enthusiastic tail wags and playful spirit bring a smile to every Zoom call, reminding us all to take a moment to enjoy life’s simple pleasures.


Mags loves to play ball, hike, and go for car rides. She has a quirky love for showers, attacking the vacuum, and indulging in pupa chinos. Always ready with a hug and a kiss, she’s here to remind us to slow down and appreciate the little things—like a detour to investigate a fire hydrant. Mags is our furry beacon of joy and a steadfast reminder to cherish the quirky moments that make each day special.

Spectacular Living

Let’s Create a Spectacular Life Together!

Here to support you in achieving your goals and living a life that ignites your passion and purpose. Together, we’ll navigate the challenges and celebrate the victories, creating a balanced and fulfilling life you’ve always dreamed of.


Let’s make your life spectacular!


Feel free to reach out to start your journey toward a more balanced, fulfilling life. Shannon and Mags are here to guide you every step of the way!


Our mission is simple, Empower career-driven professionals to achieve a life of fulfillment withOUT sacrificing their career. 


This means that we help career-driven professionals to transform their lives by achieving harmony, overcoming loneliness, strengthening relationships, and finding fulfillment, through holistic coaching that nurtures their mind, body, and spirit.


To create a world where overachievers and workaholics lead harmonious lives, experiencing deep connections, personal joy, and professional success without sacrificing their well-being, ultimately becoming their most authentic and fulfilled selves.

Why Choose Us

Success Stories

Read about how our clients have transformed their lives with Spectacular Living:

"The holistic approach taken by Spectacular Living helped me balance my professional ambitions with my personal relationships. I feel more complete and happier." – Michael T.

"This allowed me to take care of myself"


"In learning what my own core values are I was able to see the strength of my morals and stand up for what is right for me and those in my environment by creating boundaries and non-negotiables. This allowed me to take care of myself so I will be able to take care of those I love." -Linda P.