Whether your housing needs are temporary, permanent, or both, you can rely on Spectacular Living’s friendly, personalized service. We are on-site, just a few doors away, to take care of our condos and you!  Experience a Spectacular Transition to Portland -- easy on the pocketbook and easy on the nerves.

A Temporary Home

As the people who have stayed in our condos attest, we provide Portland’s finest temporary housing, and are committed to making sure that you have an experience that you will want more of……

Spectacular Living’s Temporary Homes Have Delighted:

  • People remodeling their homes,
    who enjoyed living in our condos while the mess happily unfolded without them
  • People in Portland for medical reasons,
    who loved looking at the view while recuperating in peace
  • People relocating,
    who appreciated both our condos and the assistance of our real estate network
  • People visiting family in Portland,
    especially grandparents whose grandchildren loved visiting them on the river
  • People on temporary work assignments – business and creative executives, traveling doctors and nurses, members  of the film industry - who loved the accessible central location and the resort-style living

A Permanent Home

Amazed by the ease of arriving with just a toothbrush and suitcase and instantly Living Spectacular, clients have asked us to help them make the next leg of their transition just as easy, smooth and comfortable.  

  • We provide assistance in searching for, acquiring, and designing  your new Portland dream home.
  • Save yourself the agony of trying to figure it all out, visit Spectacular-Design. Our hand-selected network of unique individuals – from architects to interior designers – will help you think and see things differently so that you can give shape to your dream home faster.
  • With the added support of our Custom Concierge, we will make your transition smooth, fun, easy on the pocketbook and easy on your nerves. 
  • Take comfort: our relocation services are by-request only.

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