History and Vision

Our passion became a living, and Living became Spectacular……..

We, Anita and Guy, experienced a revelation when we purchased our first waterfront condo in 2004.   We had lived in Portland for more than a decade, yet had never experienced our city’s jaw-dropping beauty and urban action simultaneously.  Experiencing our own city in a new way, we were enchanted.  One condo lead to another, our passion became a living, and Living became Spectacular.

Having discovered the impact of surrendering to the spectacle outside our window, we set about designing comfortable modern interiors that allow our guests to reside in the grandeur.   You’ll be surprised by the way you think, live, and work, when you live Spectacular. It’s great for the soul, pleasant on the body, and inspiring to the mind.

We are delighted knowing that our guests experience the best of Portland on the water’s edge in the heart of downtown Portland.  Get ready to be inspired.  We look forward to meeting you and introducing you to our beautiful city.

Warmest Regards,

Anita and Guy

  In French, Pied–a-Terre means "a foot on the ground."  The term originally described a ground level second home apartment in the city where a business person could stay occasionally rather than going home to the suburbs every night.  We use the term to describe our furnished contemporary suites:  a foot on the ground at the water’s edge in beautiful downtown Portland.

Whether you want to charge up, chill out, or both, Spectacular Living’s pieds-a-terre provide a signature Northwest combination of natural setting and urban energy.  

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Spectacular Living - Luxury Corporate Housing

A Foot on the Ground at the Water’s Edge.