Spectacular Living is the brainchild of Anita and Guy – a well-traveled Montanan and Cajun from Louisiana who landed in Portland in the early 90’s, and have happily called it home ever since.

When we travel, what we love most is chance encounters with colorful personalities – absorbing stories, flavors, tastes, passions, and meanings – one-of-a-kind experiences with the truly local.

You can buy a book from a national chain, or you can buy it from a local merchant.  Entering the doors of the locally-owned bookshop gives you the opportunity to browse an individual selection of books and hear someone’s personal story of “why Portland, why this enterprise, why this book” – a conversation that flows on an intimate scale with personal touch. 

You buy the book, and get the story with it.

In that spirit, we would like to extend our personal invitation to you to create your own adventure by visiting some of the interesting characters and their enterprises that delight us in Portland.  If you accept our invitation, we think the Portland adventure will delight you, too.


Did you know?  Portland has been voted the greenest, most eco-friendly and sustainable city in the country.  It was also the first city in the country with a global warming action plan, initiated in 1993.  Spectacular Living is proud to be living green in our beautifully green city.

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We Love Our City … and We Know You Will, Too